Connecting Agents

In the STELLA framework, agents can be interconnected to enhance their capabilities and access specialized functionalities. This interconnectivity is managed through the connections_available attribute derived from the Agent superclass.

Understanding connections_available

The connections_available attribute is a dictionary that defines potential connections to other agents. Each key in this dictionary represents the ID of a child agent, indicating that the parent agent can delegate tasks or request information from these child agents. This setup allows for more in-depth and specialized information retrieval.

For instance, a weather agent might connect with agents specialized in humidity, wind, and precipitation data.

Example: DemoWeatherAgent

Here is a version of the DemoWeatherAgent utilizing the connections_available attribute. This agent can delegate tasks to the other agents specialized in various aspects of weather data.

class DemoWeatherAgent(Agent):
    A weather agent that retrieve weather information.
    def __init__(self):
            short_description='Fetch weather data',
            long_description='Fetch weather data',
                "humidity_agent": {},
                "wind_agent": {},
                "precipitation_agent": {}

In this example, DemoWeatherAgent is configured with connections to humidity_agent, wind_agent, and precipitation_agent. If the DemoWeatherAgent is asked about humidity, it will delegate the task to the humidity_agent and return the result.

Next Steps