CLI Commands Documentation

This document provides details on the available commands in our CLI tool.

Help Command


Displays a list of available commands.



Login as a user.



Logout as a user.



Register a new user.

Create Workspace

/workspace create <name>

Create a new workspace with the specified name.

List Workspaces

/workspace list

List all available workspaces.

Connect to Workspace

/workspace connect <id>

Switch to a different workspace using its ID.

Rename Workspace

/workspace rename <id> <name>

Rename an existing workspace.

Delete Workspace

/workspace delete <id>

Delete an existing workspace.

Add Agent

/add <agent id>

Add an agent to the current workspace.

Remove Agent

/remove <agent id>

Remove an agent from the current workspace.

Install Agent

/install <agent id>

Install an agent in the repository.

Show Status


Show the current status of the workspace.



Exit the program.