Create a New Agent

This document explains how to create a new agent based on the Agent superclass.


Creating a new agent involves subclassing from the Agent superclass and implementing specific methods to customize the agent’s behavior.


  • Basic knowledge of Python programming

  • Familiarity with the Agent superclass structure

  • Setup of the necessary environment for running agents

Steps to Create a New Agent

For clarity we use the DemoWeatherAgent class as an example. This agent uses an API to fetch weather data for a given city. The agent’s response is a string containing the weather data. These steps are based on the DemoWeatherAgent class in the app/models/agent/ file.

1. Import the Necessary Modules

import requests
from app.models.agent import Agent
from import Chat
from app.openai_client import OpenAIClient
from app.utils.request_builder import RequestBuilder

2. Define the New Agent Class

class DemoWeatherAgent(Agent):
    A weather agent that uses an API to get weather information.

3. Initialize the Agent

Override the __init__ method to set up the agent’s basic attributes.

def __init__(self):
        short_description='Fetch weather data',

4. Implement the respond Method

This method is responsible for generating the agent’s response. For example if other agents are involved in the conversation, the agent can use the memories parameter to access the other agents’ responses.

def respond(self, openai_client: OpenAIClient, request_builder: RequestBuilder, chat: Chat = None, memories=None):


Read more about the respond method in the How Agents Communicate & Memories documentation.

5. Define Additional Helper Methods

Include any additional methods needed for your agent’s functionality.

def get_lat_long(self, city):

def get_weather(self, city):

Key Methods in the Custom Agent

  • __init__: Initializes the agent with specific attributes.

  • respond: Handles the creation of the agent’s response.

  • get_lat_long: Helper method to fetch latitude and longitude.

  • get_weather: Helper method to retrieve weather data.


By following these steps and using the Agent superclass as a base, you can create a variety of specialized agents tailored to specific tasks or functionalities.

Next Steps

Congratulations on setting up a new Agent! Now, you’re ready to dive deeper: