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A Scalable Multi-Agent AI Framework

STELLA is a multi-agent framework for conversational agents using Large Language Models that focuses on scalability, broad capabilities, and powerful configuration. STELLA simplifies the application and incorporation of advanced LLM capabilities into applications and offers a server-based multi-agent framework solution that is both scalable and user-friendly.


STELLA is currently in beta. We are working hard to improve the framework and add new features. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us at contact@stellaframework.com.

Typical use cases include:

  • Automating workflows and tasks.

  • Building digital workforces.

  • Connecting APIs and services.

  • Creating smart chatbots.

  • Speeding up the development of LLM-powered applications.

  • Finding patterns and trends in unstructured data.

  • Creating content.


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Key Features

STELLA features are designed to maximize efficiency and ease of use:

  • Server-based Architecture: Ensures a solid foundation for managing large-scale applications.

  • Socket Communication: Facilitates efficient and real-time updates throughout the lifespan of a task.

  • Multi-User Support: Scalable to accommodate a growing number of simultaneous users.

  • Configurability: STELLA can be expanded with minimal coding and configuration.

  • Speed Optimization: Distributes load for faster execution times.

  • Agent Intercommunication: Minimizes required dialogues between agents to reduce Token usage.

  • Single-Prompt Method: Does not require models to support multiple conversation participants.

  • Command Line Interface: Direct access to STELLA in a terminal environment.

  • Community-Driven Package Manager: Publish, share, and install agents with ease.

These features allow STELLA to be used in a wide range of applications, from simple chatbots to complex AI-powered workflows.

  • Workflow Automation: Streamline repetitive tasks with AI efficiency.

  • Data Analysis: Integrate AI for deeper data analysis and insights.

  • Smart API Connectivity: Create intelligent, seamless connections between services.

  • Insight Extraction: Uncover valuable insights from large, unstructured datasets.


STELLA operates under a dual-license model, including an Open-Source license (AGPLv3) and an Enterprise license (Commercial). The Open-Source license is free to use, while the Enterprise license is available for purchase. Both licenses include access to the STELLA package manager (Installing External Agents), which provides a wide range of community-developed agents.

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Community and Support

Join our fast-growing community for support, discussions, and sharing insights. Connect with other STELLA users and contributors through our forums and support channels.


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